All of our pupils achieve great things... here are some of their latest achievements 



Lizzie has been with us since she was a tiny tot and as well as being a fantastic dancer and choreographer, we are very proud that is studying at The Brits School and this picture is of her in costume, before performing “The Greatest Showman” with Hugh Jackman at The Brit’s this year. We wish her loads of luck for the future. 

SRSOD JULY2017- 214.jpg


Ellie was a little whirlwind aged just 6years old, we had to "fast-forward" her to "Big Girls Ballet"! and thank goodness we did. Ellie is now dancing with the Royal Ballet Senior Associates has just achieved a Distinction for Grade 8 RAD exam with us. 



Morgan has been with us since a teeny one too. She is another all rounder and has achieved great results in all her Modern, Tap & Ballet exams. Morgan is a true performer and we are delighted that she has also been accepted as a pupil at The Brits School.